Purple Peaker

Dan Armstrong – Purple Peaker


  • Hi setting introduces a 12 db peak centered at 4000Hz (high-end “Presence”)
  • Hi + Lo setting introduces a 12 db peak at 4000Hz as well as a 7 db peak 200Hz (high-end “Presence” and low-end “Punch”)
  • Off setting neither peak is produced but signal is improved; eliminates signal loss and hum pick-up



  • Input Impedance: 100k ohms
  • Output Impedance: 200 ohms
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 90 db
  • Power Supply: 9V DC battery
  • Weight: 4½ oz (including battery)
  • Dimensions: 2¼” l.  X  2¼” w.  X  1¼” h.