Mu-Tron C-100 Opti-Pot Control Pedal

Advanced solid-state technology, developed by Musitronics, replaces the moving parts that wear out on other pedals. Because tension is scientifically applied, slippage and backlash are eliminated. You get a consistent action, as on a musical instrument. An optical-electronic system provides constant function under all temperature and light conditions – indoors and outdoors. Performance breakdowns are virtually impossible. The system works so well, it is backed by Musitronics’ three-year limited warranty. The Mu-tron Opti-Pot Control Pedal is photo-electric control source for use with the Mu-tron Bi-Phase. When connected in place of the dual foot switch box supplied with the Bi-Phase, it allows the options of controlling the rate of automatic phasing sweep with the foot, rather than with the panel-mounted control, or of actually sweeping the phase shift with the pedal. These options make the Mu-tron Bi-Phase the most versatile and sophisticated phasing system available to the performing musician. About the name: The potentiometer (pot) found in an ordinary pedal is its least reliable component, requiring frequent replacement. In the Mu-tron Opti-Pot Control Pedal, the potentiometer has been replaced by an optical-electronic assembly, so that the only moving part is the shaft about which the pedal rotates. That’s where “Opti-Pot” comes from. A 10-foot cable is provided for connection to any Mu-tron Bi-Phase. For maximum flexibility under all job conditions, 12-foot extension cables are available.”

– From original Musitronics C-100 Opti-Pot Control Pedal ad circa 1970s


  • Foot switch 1 enables the control of the sweep rate of the oscillators (via foot pedal)
  • Foot switch 2 enables the control of the phase-sweep itself (via foot pedal)


  • Input: +15V from Mu-Tron Bi-Phase via 5-pin connector
  • Output: 0 to +10V control voltage, variable depending upon pedal position
  • Dimensions: 11½” l.  X  3¾” w.  X  3″ h. (in closed position)
  • Weight: 4 pounds