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Micro-Tron IV Vintage Silver

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A compact, convenient and affordable version of the classic Mu-Tron III™ envelope filter

The NEW  Micro-Tron IV is the newest reincarnation of the classic Mu-Tron III™ envelope filter. The Micro-Tron IV provides all the classic Jerry tone and Bootsy funk, in a pedalboard-friendly size and powered by industry-standard 9V DC. We’ve also added an OUTPUT level control and the ability to footswitch select between UP and DOWN drives. It’s never been easier to cruise down “Shakedown Street” or get to “Higher Ground” – the Micro-Tron IV sounds amazing on guitar, bass, keys, horns, harmonica… you name it!

The new Micro-Tron IV is based upon the award winning Micro-Tron III and improves it with our very own MU Opto-Mod technology. We have also added standard CV input to accept an expression pedal such as the Dunlop DVP4 without modification! Furthermore, you can send envelope Control Voltage to other units such as the Phasor III and Bi-Phase pedals.

For more information on the Opto-Mods click here

Mu-Tron Opto-Mod Modules Installation for Micro-Tron IV-Please read description before purchase


  • MODE
    • LP (lowpass filter) passes all the signals below the peak and attenuates signals above the peak
    • BP (bandpass filter) passes signals only near the peak and attenuates signals below and above the peak
    • HP (highpass filter) passes all signals above the peak and attenuates signals below the peak
    • LO sets the filter sweep to a low range for most rhythm guitar, bass and lower fret uses
    • HI sets the filter sweep to a high range for accenting string harmonics or for up-the-neck and solo work
  • LEVEL controls the ouput volume of the effected signal
  • PEAK  (or Q) controls the filter audio response from very weak to very strong
  • GAIN controls the envelope and filter audio drive
  • ON/OFF Footswitch engages or disengages the envelope filter effect
  • UP/DOWN Footswitch
    • UP position produces familiar “auto-wah” sound – like a heel-to-toe sweep on a wah pedal
    • DOWN position produces a “down swoop” sound – like a toe-to-heel sweep on a wah pedal


  • 1/4″ Input Jack
  • 1/4″ Output Jack
  • 1/8″ CV Input Jack
  • 1/8″ CV Output Jack
  • 9V DC, 52 mA draw
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA

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Micro-Tron IV Quickstart Guide

MU Opto-Mod Technology

MU Inside
MU Inside

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

2 reviews for Micro-Tron IV Vintage Silver

  1. Robert Boyle (verified owner)

    So when one of my favorite pedals, a mint vintage early model all-original battery-only Musitronics Mu-Tron III, recently started emitting a high-pitched whine (sure sign of a bad cap), I nearly cried and then hustled it off to Lingenberg Sound and started wondering if it was time to check out the newest version of this most classic of pedals.

    For my money, the quintessential Mu-Tron III sound is just dripping from Garcia’s guitar on the 5-5-78 Estimated Prophet. That is THE sound I’m looking for out of this pedal, and when my Micro-Tron IV showed up I set out to see if I could dial it in for that special tone. I just used what I had quick at hand: a G&L ASAT Deluxe, a late-90’s TS9 Tube Screamer with a JRC4558D mod, and a UAD Apollo Twin. Simple and straightforward, nothing fancy. But to be sure the Micro-Tron delivered.

    One of the great things about Jerry’s Mu-Tron technique is that he can trigger it at every fret position. This requires a boost (along with some careful playing technique). For my test, I ran the ASAT with the volume backed off a little (bridge pickup with the coil-split engaged for more of a single-coil sound, but the tone rolled back pretty hard to take some of the bite off) into the TS9 (Drive at 0, Tone at 7, Level at 9). This was run into the Micro-Tron IV in Up position and set to Mode LP, Lo Range, Level at about 8+, Peak at about 8-, Gain at about 7. This fed the Hi-Z input on the Apollo running a clean boosted amp in the UAD Console software. For good measure I threw some light compression and light reverb on with UAD plug-ins. That’s it. This signal was run through the UAD platform on a Mac and out my AKG K-240DF headphones while I listened to my signal on top of the 5-5-78 Estimated Prophet simply playing off YouTube.

    I’m glad to report that yes, 100%, absolutely that phenomenal Garcia Mu-Tron III tone from 1978 can be achieved with the Micro-Tron IV if you boost it and take a little time to dial it in. When I get my Mu-Tron III back from Lingenberg I’ll give the IV a real head-to-head shoot out on some real amps with some more guitars (and maybe compare the red and blue mod cards with the stock card), but I’m extremely happy that this pedal delivers as advertised with minimal fuss.

  2. Bradley Rodriguez (verified owner)

    So, I have a problem. And that problem is that I can’t seem to stop buying pedals. Every now and again I’ll get it in my head that I just have to have a certain pedal so I can make a very specific sound and if I don’t, there will be a dust storm on Mars instead of rainbows. It’s sad really. And most of the time, even after scratching the itch, I’m left unsatisfied with my hastily purchased shiny object. But not this one. It is special. I’ve never owned an auto filter or even played one for that matter, but after doing some research on the interwebs, this little beauty (or some iteration of it) kept popping up on the ‘if you don’t have this, you’re not cool’ gear lists with rave reviews. Wanna shakedown the street? This is the pedal. Gonna wear some cool boots see? Gotta have this little jewel. This unit does not disappoint.
    As this is my first auto filter, I’ve been dealing with a bit a learning curve with the controls. But once dialed in, it’s a funky delight. The pulsing LED is a nice touch because it allows you to see in real time how hard you need to hit the strings to fully open the effect. It’s very dynamic, almost anti-compressor. It reacts quite differently to single coils than humbuckers, so some tweaking is needed if you switch out. You can find one really good jack of all trades setting, but this pedal has so much going on that it’d be a shame to boil it down to a one trick pony.
    Whether you’re chasing a classic tone or scratching an itch, this is a great pedal to have at the ready. It’s a lava lamp melting, high heel wearing, sweet talking amp slayer. Get it!

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