PS-2 Battery Buddy Rechargeable 9volt Power Supply

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BatteryBuddy, The rechargeable and portable 9Volt power supply for the quick setup and tear-down.

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  1. The rechargeable and portable 9Volt power supply for the quick setup and tear-down.  Great for showcases, rehearsals,  camp-outs and tight spaces.
  • Rechargeable and long lasting 5000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Powers 9 volt DC “Boss” type effects (can power several simultaneously with daisy chain connector* sold seperately)
  • Simultaneously powers iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile usb 5volt dc devices (RaspberryPi)
  • Powers Roland MicroCube
  • Powers Eventide H9 MAX, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Keeley Compressor, Mu-FX Boostron3, Peterson StroboStomp2, Hermida ZenDrive, MXR Phase 90,  Strymon El Capistan
  • Includes USB to MiniUSB charge cable, 2.1mm 9 volt DC power cable

9V/5V Power Supply Technical Specifications

Operation voltage 3.7V /5000MA Li-polymer battery
Product dimension 3x.6×3.5 in
Charging input INPUT: DC5V 1A
Output voltage/Current OUTPUT 1 : DC5V, 1A
Output voltage/Current OUTPUT 2: DC9V, 1A
Operation Temperature -10 ~50 °C
Storage Temperature -20 ~60 °C

1 – Push down battery indicator switch to show battery level

2 – Battery indicator:When charging:

A: 2.4V-3.45V,LED1 flash,LED2-4, flash
B: 3.45-3.65V, LED 1 steady,LED 2 flash,LED 3&4 off
C: 3.65-3.9V,LED 1 & 2 steady,LED 3 flash,LED 4 off
D: 3.9-4.2V,LED 1-3 steady,LED 4 off
E: Above 4.2VLED 1-4 All lite (Battery is full)
3 – Battery indicator:When Discharging

A: <2.85V , LED1-4, all off
B: In between 2.85V ~ 3V, LED 1 flash,LED 2-4 off
C: In between 3V ~ 3.2V, LED 1 steady,LED 2-4 off
D: In between 3.2V ~ 3.45V, LED 1-2 steady,LED 3-4 off
E: In between 3.45V ~ 3.7V, LED 1-3 steady,LED 4 off
F: Above 3.7V, LED 1-4 All lite (Battery is full)
* When voltage is lower then 2.9V

Circuit breaker will switch unit to protection mode
The battery must be re-charged until voltage reach 3.2V

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in


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